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Terms & Conditions

Rental and subsequent use of bikes and electric bicycles assumes,on the part of the User,a full under standing and unconditional acceptance of conditions,stated rates,and of the Leaser’s hours of operation.

1. The User assumes full responsabilità for items,his or her person or third parties,and the bike itselfits equipment and accessories.

2. The bike and its accessories ust be returned in the same condition as when they were furnished.All damages must be reported on the appropriate section on the rental contract.

3. During the rental period the User does not benefit from any form of insurance coverage nor is the electric bicycle covered by liability insurance.The User is therefore requie to comply with traffic laws.The Leaser disclaims any liability in the event of improper use of the vehicle or failure to comply with the aforementioned laws.

4. The User is responsible for the bike and for the electric bicycles until restitution to the Renter;he i salso responsible for damages caused to his or her person,the bicycle,third parties and belongings while using the Bike.The Leaser may not be requie any formo f compensation.

5. The bicycles and bicycle accessories are not covered by any form of insurance.In case of damages ,theft or loss,the user must pay repair and replacement costs according to market value.

6. In case of loss of keys,bicycles accessories,damage or negligent treatment the consumer will be requie to pay the amount necessary to restore the vehicle to its original condition,based on current rates and supplier estimates;in case of total theft,the User will compensate the Leaser to the amount astablished at € 400 for city bikes and € 1500 for electrical bikes.

7. The current rental contract is valid if and only if it is completed in all sections.Furthermore it is necessary to present a valid photo ID. An adulst’s signature is requied for minors.

8. The bike must be returned within the scheduled time,to the same location where the bike was rented.The bike is considered to be properly consegned only if it is returned directly to the Laser.Return of the bicycle outside the rental point during outside business hours is not considered to be a valid restitution.Failure to return the bike,without prior notification or if not justified by exceptional circumstances,will be regarded as a crime of theft and therefore reported to the Authorities.

9. The User may require of the Leaser an intervention to collect the bicycle,the cost of wich is indicated in the price list;the Leaser is not bound to the aforementioned intervention,therefore a failure cannot be considered cause of non-fulfillment.

10. The User shall furnish the requied payment at the beginning of the rental period until he or she is present to close the rental agreement, in addition to any charges for damage and total or partial thefts.

11. In case if theft of the bicycle,the User shall submit to the Leaser a copy of the report to the competent authority and pay the amount equal to the value of the stolen bicycle which will be returned in case of recovery of the vehicle.

12. In compliance with Italian Law ART.13 e ART.23,DPR 675/96 on the Protection of Personal Data,the User authorizes the handling of personal data for statistical and/or promotional purposes. For items not mentioned in this list of agreements,intercourse between the parties will be regulated by the local statute.Any disagreement between the parties will remain under the jurisdiction of the Verona court Law.

According to Italian law,art.38 e 47 del DPR 28.12.2000 n.445,that the user is aware of the legal penalties for fraudulent statements in art.75 e 76 of the aforementioned Presidential Decree,that he or she has read the rental price list,the service agreement,terms of compensation for the damages incurred and the current regulations for the attached furnishing of rental bike service.For the furnishing of bicycle rental services wich constitutes,according to all affect ot the law,a conctract use,general conditions of wich the user declares,under current regulations,toh ave understood and accepted,with particolar reference to liability of the user in case of damages incurred during the term of use to his or her person,the rental bike,third parties or property and exempting the Leaser from any liability,according to art.1341 comma 2,of the Civil Code which is agreed to in writing by the signing of this contract.